At Incite Healing Center we offer holistic healing opportunities that work from multiple angles to acknowledge and address the multi-faceted and intertwined relationships between our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.


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Fact-Based Nutrition

Make Healthy Living & Healthy Eating, Easy.

Find relief from chronic illness and dis-ease through 100% natural methods and programs based in science and the chemistry of your food and your body.

Feel empowered to make healthy decisions that actually eliminate the cause of your symptoms, not just mask them.

Preliminary 20 Minute Phone Consultation/Discovery Session (free)

  • Curious about our detox programs? Want to know more about our Nutrition For Wellness classes? Interested but want to get a feel for our practitioners? Schedule a preliminary phone consultation! This is a 20-minute conversation to help you feel confident about choosing our services. No commitments or obligations. Give us a call, improve your health.

Initial Detox Consult and Reading

      • This is your first appointment when booking a full detox consultation package. We go over basics of diet and food myths, we complete a full diagnostic reading of the systems of the body, and we create a botanical blend to support your detox process. Please plan the full 2.5 hours for the appointment.

Diets and Chemistry (1.5 hour dive into our food and nutrition)

      • This is a deep dive conversation into the world of food, diets, chemistry and our bodies. This is a personalized 1 on 1 conversation where we answer questions related to YOU. You’ll leave this session with wisdom and
        handouts to support you on your journey to true health.

Follow-up Detox Reading

      • This is a follow-up reading for those clients who have already had their first full consultation and reading. Please plan for the full 2 hours of the appointment. We will do diagnostic work and botanicals pairing (botanicals not included in session price).

Kambo Detox Session (about 3 hours)

      • This is a complete Kambo session. You will be administered Kambo in a safe and clean environment. Please follow diet protocols prior to appointment.Completed client intake form required to be submitted before the appointment time. Give yourself space after the appointment time, as youmay want to relax for the rest of the day.

Wisdom Traditions

Tools of Empowerment, Sacred Wisdom Traditions, Energy Medicine,

Versatile Meditation Practices and Much More

Max Meditation

Benefits of Meditation:

      • Reduce stress and tension
      • Gain more control over your own thoughts
      • Increased feelings of love and connection
      • Increased happiness and peace of mind
      • Gain a competitive edge at work
      • Reduce physical and emotional pain.
      • Increased serotonin levels
      • Experience a state of deep relaxation and a general feeling of well-being

…and much more!

What is Max Meditation™?

These ancient methods come directly from prominent teachers in India and Tibet. The facilitator, Matthew Koren, has a Psychology degree and deep practical experience working directly with master teachers in Thailand and Tibet.

Max Meditation™ is comprised of five (5) stages formulated to help you succeed:

      • Relaxation
      • Passive meditation
      • Active meditation
      • Guided Visualization
      • Cool down

I liked the format of the meditation I attended. It transitioned smoothly from one segment to another, the parts were all of equal length, and the Angel protection energy helped me to feel grounded and safe.



Max Meditator

Why Max Meditation™?

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Max Meditation™ was developed for today’s busy, modern seeker and is based on a fusion of ancient Yogic techniques and Zen mind training mixed with modern psychological science and Neurolinguistic programming (NLP). This method maximizes the effectiveness of the time you invest in meditation so you get more benefit with less effort.

Our thoughts affect the collective energy field of the universe. This energy field inspires our thoughts, and thoughts inspire our actions. If we want more peace on Earth, why not start with the energy we’re putting out there everyday? Come join us in working actively for world peace.

Life Activation

What’s possible in life is a function of your capacity to dream and your tenacity in pursuing them. It’s time to upgrade both.
We can help.

Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a Divine Being. It is God-given, sacred, and defines the uniqueness of you.

The DNA activation is a traditional modality for consciousness expansion and empowerment. This session clears and cleanses your energetic system, while heightening your intuition and transforming your DNA expression to your next level. The results of this session will continue to expand in your body, mind and spirit for as long as 7 years, and only needs to be completed once in your lifetime.


        • Energizes your body with a new source of divine light
        • Completely cleanses and rebalances your auric and etheric energy fields
        • Washes away old thoughts behaviors and emotional patterns that are holding your back
        • Reconnects with your higher self and spirit guides through the DNA codon reading
        • Opens up your unique spiritual gifts
        • Helps you begin to discover your purpose in life
        • and much more!

The 22-Strand DNA Life Activation is the first step in becoming a full member of the Spirit in Transition community.

We love your privacy and will never share your information.

Pretty quickly, in a couple of months, I was confidently going out and doing business development and relationship-building around [my] newfound clarity.



After about 6 months, I found that I had achieved all the goals that I had set out for myself in the letter he has you write before the Life Activation.



Thank you for the precious gift of your presence. It allowed me to speak out loudly – my truth.



Project NeuroConscious

Full Spirit Activation

So much more is possible in life when we are moving in alignment with the wisdom of our Soul expressed through our physical vehicle.

Building on the foundation of Spirit connection initiated by the Life Activation, the Full Spirit Activation awakens the Adam Kadmon soul body within, connecting the Soul with the energy systems of the body to allow for easy communication and flow of divine inspiration.

This session works with the pituitary and pineal glands, opening up layers of awareness of your soul within your physical body. The result is a more embodied and high-def physical experience akin to the experience of micro-dosing.


      • experience reality in high-definition
      • process emotions more quickly
      • rev your soul engine for greater clarity of energetic experiences
      • increase the life force drawn from nature around you
      • raise your ability to serve others with clarity of purpose
      • attune your psychic senses
      • experience joy and lasting peace
      • and much more!

The Full Spirit Activation is the culmination of the process started with the Life Activation.

We love your privacy and will never share your information.

Pretty quickly, in a couple of months, I was confidently going out and doing business development and relationship-building around [my] newfound clarity.



After about 6 months, I found that I had achieved all the goals that I had set out for myself in the letter he has you write before the Life Activation.



Thank you for the precious gift of your presence. It allowed me to speak out loudly – my truth.



Project NeuroConscious

Experience the Magick of the 7 Traditional Mystery Schools

“Learn deeply of the Mind and its mystery, for therein lies the secret of immortality.”” ~ Poimandres

The tradition of the 7 mystery schools began thousands of years ago to protect universal knowledge of how to develop human consciousness and achieve the ‘Adam Kadmon’ light body. It is rumored that knowing the secret principles underlying all life and the universe would give humans untold powers and the ability to create whatever they wanted in life.

These mystery school teachings have been the basis for all traditional wisdom for how to live an empowered life. You’ll find references to their lore in popular books, movies, and games. Their current existence on the planet is due to the tireless work and careful guardianship by 7 mystery schools seeded throughout the world by the Masters of Light.

By learning about the different traditions, you will heighten your awareness about what’s really going on behind the scenes, so that you can see the bigger picture of how different energies flow throughout the world and are cared for and nurtured by these 7 traditional lineages.

What to Expect:

Our discussion will take us on an exciting journey exploring the culture and lore of each of the 7 traditional mystery schools. You will be instructed in a spell or ritual from each of the 7 magickal traditions so you can feel the different energies in your body and compare the traditions to each other. What better way to get a feel for each tradition than through the magick they each hold?

By attending this class, you will:

      • Be able to identify the 7 traditional mystery schools
      • Describe some of the characteristics of each school
      • Perform a small ritual from each tradition

How to Prepare:

Come dressed in comfortable clothes, and bring a notebook/paper and writing utensil to take notes on your experience. You will receive a hand-out with information on each school which we will discuss as well.

Cost: $40

How to register: Please register by providing your contact information and payment information in the form to the right. You will receive orientation information and the location of the event after you finalize your registration.

Thank you for the precious gift of your presence. It allowed me to confirm and speak out loudly – my truth.

Minnie J.

Minnie J.

“10 out of 10 stars! I felt significantly better for weeks after the experience.”

Jeremiah S.

Jeremiah S.

DNA Activation client

About the Teacher

This evening is brought to you by Matthew Koren, a Teacher, Healer, Ceremonialist and Metaphysician in the lineage of King Salomon, a 2,500 year old lineage flourishing under the leadership of one of the 7 traditional mystery schools. He is dedicated to providing loving, light-filled spaces for healing, and is committed to supporting the spiritual evolution and growth of all human beings.

He is a spiritual guide for his clients at Spirit in Transition, author of “How I Built a Spirit-led Life That I’m Proud Of,” and he founded Spirit in Transition in 2015 to support the cultivation of personal empowerment and community solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. Read his full bio here.

Coaching and Spiritual Counseling

Guided Transformation to Level-Up Your Life.

Make The Most of Your Time and Resources With Preparation and Integration Coaching.

Support to Get The Results You’re Looking For.

Addiction Recovery Coaching (Preparation and Integration)

Thoughtful, guided and ongoing support and coaching to work through the challenges of addiction.

Empowered with highly effective tools,  maps and structures to help maintain and build upon the progress one achieves in treatment and recovery.

Please contact us for more details regarding these services

Psycho-Spiritual Transformation Coaching (Entheogenic/Psychedelic Preparation and Integration)

In-depth guided support from experienced, professional coaches.

Equipped with models, structures, and tools that are proven to help you achieve the results you’re looking for in your transformational experience.

Make the most of your investment by setting yourself up for success.

Wherever you’re at, whichever path you choose to take, this series of coaching programs are designed to help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Please contact us for more details regarding these services

Holistic Health Tools

Experience Results Customized Tools Personalized Plans for Your Body, Your Lifestyle Sustainable, Holistic Health.

Individualized Therapeutic Massage

Personalized bodywork to help bring integrity and fluidity back to the body.

Multiple types of bodywork available depending on the needs and desires of you, our client.

Please contact us for more details regarding these services

Personalized Movement Therapy

Movement is one of the building blocks of health.

Work one-on-one with one of our experts to bring movement back into your life, starting wherever you’re currently at.

Customized instruction and programming fit to your specific needs and goals.

Feel comfortable with personal coaching in the privacy of your home or your desired outdoor space.

Please contact us for more details regarding these services