About Us

Holistic Healing – Inside and Out: Nutritional Detox Therapies, Kambo Treatments, Spiritual Coaching and Wisdom Tradition Teachings.

Brandon Barclay

“What is the form of your highest self?”

“What is keeping you from reaching that potential?”

“Would you believe that something as simple as food could be the answer?”

The answers to those questions, found through coaching and introspection, create new habits and patterns that sustainably support a healthy body and life.

Brandon Barclay is a Certified Nutritional Detox Coach & Addiction Recovery Integration Coach with 1,000+ working hours at plant-based holistic healing centers around the world, and in-depth one-on-one trainings from masters in the field of detoxification, nutrition, healing, and recovery. Brandon will provide you tools and one-on-one coaching in the realm of nutrition and detoxification of the body, mind, and spirit.

The Approach

Cellular nutrition supports you in regaining your essence, your true health, and vitality. Brandon guides clients through a nutritional detox plan that ignites all systems of the body, bringing back the equilibrium we were born with creating lasting healing down to the actual cells making up our bodies. He facilitates bringing the body’s native intelligence to the forefront using a program that is rooted in the basic chemistry of the body and our foods. The individualized programs are natural food-based fundamentals and they use the support of organic botanicals and superfoods that assist the body to heal from the ailments and symptoms that prevent people from feeling their best.

Brandon's Experience

Brandon’s career in Conscious Leadership began in 2005. After years of his own development work, he went on to complete a 500+ hour Leadership Development Internship through Wings Seminars. Inspired to work with youth, he committed several years to facilitating camps and retreats that brought ownership, accountability, integrity, and communication skills to participants.

Boasting multiple certifications that date back to his first certification in Leadership in 2005, Brandon has been supporting change in people’s lives for over 14 years.

  • Certificate In Leadership Development – Wings Seminars
  • Detoxification Specialist Certification – Center Of Awakened Health –
  • Chapel Hill, NC/Iquitos, Peru –
  • Transformational Recovery and Integration Coach – Being True To You
  • Nutritional Detoxification Specialist – International School of Detoxification